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Tennessee Head Start Association

Community Assessment Training


PowerPoint Presentation

Community Assessment Prezi

Tennessee Data Spreadsheets


Population Estimates

  • PEPSR6H 2013

  • PEPSR6H 2010

  • Percent Change

  • Number Change


Population Change



Poverty Statistics

  • 2012 SAIPE

  • Age and Sex

  • Race and Ethnicity

  • Employment Status

  • Children Age 0-4

  • Language


Federal Benefits - Income - Health Insurance - Potential Need for Childcare


Educational Attainment - Women in Armed Forces with Children - Grandparents


Homelessness in Tennesse

During the Community Assessment training we discussed homelessness in TennesseeA very timely report came out this month illustrating that TN if fact ranks 41st (50th being the worst) in child homelessness!


Click on the images below for the full reports.

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