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Office of Head Start: Region IV Data Institute


Over the years, the Office of Head Start (OHS) and the National Centers have developed useful resources on how programs can use data to support decision-making and program improvements.  The Region IV Office of Head Start and its T/TA network, ICF International, made available a "Data Institute" to grantees serving Head Start and Early Head Start children in the region.  This training focused on increasing grantees’ understanding of the need to analyze and evaluate data for program improvements. The training was facilitated by Nolo Consulting, LLC and will be followed up with "Communities of Practice" workshops where grantees will be able to bring their program data and with the help of their peers and the workshop facilitators develop a program Data Plan.

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Data Institute Training Session Dates

6/25/14 6/26/14

6/30/14 7/1/14

7/28/14 - 7/29/14

Data Institute Presentation

Data Institute presentation in PowerPoint or PDF format

"Parking Lot" Items 

During the workshop, a "Parking Lot" system was used to encourage and collect questions, ideas and comments from participants. These included the following:


- Commmunity Assessment Tool: Community Action CNA

(For additional CA tools, such as parent and key informant surveys and secondary resource lists click here)


Logic Model (including templates): University of Wisconsin 


Six Thinking Hats (slides were added to the PowerPoint presentation during Data Institute #2), you can also visit The de Bono Group website


- Excel formula for calculating the correlation between two variables, see Excel Sample


- Software used/discussed: Microsoft MapPoint, Gapminder, StatPlanet


- Handout requested: Data Plan Template (NCQTL)


NEW! Looking for more US Census Data tables?

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OHS Region IV
Profile Assessment

In order to reach those children most in need of Head Start or Early Head Start services, each Head Start grantee and delegate agency must develop and implement a recruitment process based on reliable data sources that help identify new or underserved populations in the service area.


This report and training guide presents a study of different data sources that focus on Region IV states and its 736 counties.  The study gathers, organizes, review and analyzes comparable data across the region. 


OHS Region IV Profile Assessment and TA Training Guide


Data Matrix and Spreadsheets


Florida Drill-down Addendum and Florida Data Spreadsheets

20140625 (1).jpg
20140630 (4).JPG
20140625 (5).jpg
20140630 (5).JPG
20140625 (6).jpg
20140630 (6).JPG
20140630 (7).JPG
20140630 (8).JPG
20140630 (9).JPG
20140630 (10).JPG
20140630 (11).JPG
20140630 (12).JPG
20140630 (13).JPG
20140701 (3).JPG
20140701 (2).JPG
20140625 (4).jpg
20140630 (3).JPG
20140701 (1).JPG
20140625 (3).jpg
20140630 (2).JPG
20140630 (1).JPG
20140625 (2).jpg
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