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Program Development & Training

We involve and engage community-wide leaders, organizations and people in developing, implementing and evaluating result-driven planned change programs and strategies.


Nolo Consulting has developed, tested and applied a process which includes strategic and sequential steps to implement successful community education and outreach programs. Our team has over 25 years’ experience designing training, mentoring and coaching programs for individuals, employees, supervisors, managers, and executive leadership teams. Each program is developed and customized to “fit” an organization’s culture and needs. Trainings begin by conducting a thorough needs analysis, follow with the identification of key learning objectives, design of appropriate training program options, and evaluation of training results to maintain a standard of excellence.

Program Development Activities
This process requires program assessment, brainstorming and development of recommendations and final report to the client. Initial consultation will be offered as in-kind contribution to the organization. If the client chooses to move forward and contract with Nolo Consulting, deliverables and fee schedule to complete the task will be provided.
Strategic Planning
Self-Assessment / Evaluation
Recruitment of Staff
Service Area Work Plans
Deficiencies and Quality Improvement Plans​

Group Facilitation, Training and Workshops


  • Community Research / Community Assessments

  • Grant Writing

  • Cultural Competency

  • Leadership Development

  • Time Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Advocacy

  • Immigration Education

  • Head Start ERSEA Procedures

  • Family Services

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