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Forsyth Family Voices Learning Network (FFVLN)
 September 2017- June 2018

Session #9: Abriendo Puertas: "Better Safe than Sorry," "Each Mind is a Universe onto Itself," & "If you don't look forward, you stay behind" & Great Expectations and FFVLN Next Steps (Today's Agenda)

August 21, 2018

1. What are some of the individual and professional experiences gained from this learning network?
2. What are some of the organizational result/impacts?
3. What are some agency challenges to focus on parent engagement in the future?

Simon Sinek: Start With Why

Session #8: Panel Presentation and Q&A Discussion: Child Development Advocacy and Public Policy

May 15, 2018

Paula Wolf, Political Consultant, Owner of Paulatics, LLC
Wendy Poteat-Spicer, Executive Director of The Forsyth Promise
Marni Eisner, Program Director at MDC 

Session #7: Abriendo Puertas: "What begins well, ends well," "You never forget what you learn well," & "Knowledge is Power" (Today's Agenda)

March 20, 2018

Session #6: Abriendo Puertas: I am My Child's First Teacher & Reaching Family Success (Today's Agenda)

February 20, 2018

Resources Used and Shared:

Rokeach Values

Adventures in Parenting

“Always do your best. Your best will change from time to time; and it will make a difference whether you are healthy or ill. Whatever the circumstances, simply do you best. That way you will avoid judging yourself and beating yourself up and having regrets.”

– Don Miguel Angel Ruiz

Session #4: Parent Engagement Research and Best Practices

December 19, 2017

Session #5: Paper Planes Inc. Simulation

January  16, 2018

PowerPoint Presentation Used

Session #3: Introduction to Abriendo Puertas and Mindfulness in Education

November 21, 2017

PowerPoint Presentation Used


Session #2: Change & Influence Leadership, Future State of Parent Engagement (Today's Agenda)

October 17, 2017

PowerPoint Presentation Used

Book, Articles and Resources Mentioned...

Session #1: Our Learning Network, Purpose & Expectations (Today's Agenda)

September 19, 2017

PowerPoint Presentation Used

National Parent Involvement Day

(November 16, 2017)

¡Acepto la Promesa!


COMO PADRE, ABUELO O ADOLESCENTE, por la presente doy mi compromiso de ayudar a los niños de nuestra comunidad a lograr un futuro verdaderamente independiente. Mi declaración de responsabilidad y compromiso con mi escuela pública se expresa en estas cinco verdades evidentes que se hacen eco de las palabras del presidente Woodrow Wilson:

  • Como estadounidenses, somos los dueños del sistema de escuelas públicas.

  • Como propietarios, tenemos la responsabilidad de participar en el sistema.

  • La responsabilidad de nuestras escuelas públicas, su seguridad, sus empleados y su financiamiento recae en nosotros y en el resto de los dueños del sistema.

  • El futuro de nuestros hijos depende del mejoramiento de las escuelas públicas.

  • Y este mejoramiento depende de nuestra participación.

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